“Abd El-Wahab El-Messiri: Problematic of Identity and Modernity” Workshop in Sennary House

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The BA Unit of Futuristic Studies holds on 27 and 28 November 2013 a workshop entitled “Abd El-Wahab El-Messiri: Problematic of Identity and Modernity” at the Cairo-based Sennary House.

The late Abd El-Wahab El-Messiri (1938- 2008) represents a special case of multi disciplines, but his most significant contributions were perhaps in literary studies, critic of western modernity, and studies of Zionism. He is a role model of the organic intellectual who is engaged in politics and national issues. El-Messiri have a great impact on Islamic movement youth, that is very clear in their discourse and ideology specially today.

In this context, the Workshop attempts to provide a re-reading of El-Messiri’s heritage, with a deconstructive approach.

The Workshop includes presentations by Dr. Khaled Azab, Dr. Mohamed Hesham, Mr. Mohamed Addakhakhny, Dr. Mohamed Soffar, Dr. Jehan Farouk, Mr. Khaled Hussein, Mr. Muhammad Al-Araby, Mr. Mamdouh El-Sheikh, and Mr. Belal Alaa.

It starts at 5:00 pm, and is open for public.

Click here for the complete program in Arabic.